Types of Licenses & Ratings

Types of Licenses & Ratings

There are various types of pilot licenses:
  • PPL or Private Pilot License
  • CPL, Commercial Pilot License
  • ATPL, the Airline Transportation License

Whatever your aim in aviation, be it recreational or commercial, you will need to start with your PPL.

... and Ratings for your license

Ratings available:

  • Night Rating – we do that once a month at Subang Airport – requires prior arrangements with the tower as well as CAAM. 
  • Airfield Rating – Tioman, Redang and Pangkor (CAAM requirement)
  • Instrument Rating – can only be done at the Academy or Flying schools and not a club
And then we offer various courses/ seminars:
  • Safety pilot course – very popular among couples.
  • Safety seminars – being conducted once a quarter