Adventure Trips Malaysia & South East Asia

Adventure Trips Malaysia & South East Asia

The Adventurer Club

Discovers all 4 corners of South East Asia. Dates are as per the schedule and we are happy to take along aviation enthusiasts that have a license and like to go and discover what is out there. Each trip has a different price structure length and difficulties such as IFR flying, short runways, unimproved runways as well as some different excursions while on the ground.

Usually, 2 to 4 aircraft will take part in these adventure outings that allow the not so experienced pilot to learn from the old foxes that will be around.
If you would like to take part in these trips, as a pilot with safety pilots, contact us to get you booked in the desired Adventure. Short notice is what we do best. 😉

Discovers all 4 corners of South East Asia. Dates are as per the schedule and we are happy to take along aviation enthusiasts that have a license and like to go and discover what is out there. Each trip has a different price structure length and difficulties such as IFR flying, short runways, unimproved runways as well as some different excursions while on the ground.

There are 4 popular trips that keep recurring, fun to come along.

The South East jungle adventure

Leaving Subang by 08:00 after a good breakfast at Barbera cafe. taking off towards the city of Kuala Lumpur. There we fly around the Petronas twin towers before setting a course to Kajang, Seremban, and Tampin. When the weather is good we will be able to watch KLIA traffic taking off and landing.

Passing Mount Ophir and Melaka maintaining 1500 all the way. After a total of one hour flight, we will be landing in Segamat where a shortstop is scheduled for refueling and a coffee break. Crew change and heading on 270 we are climbing t0 7000 feet towards the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula. From there on heading 060 all the way till after about a 20 minutes flight we see Tioman. A challenging and interesting approach and we land.

Night stop at Nazri’s place, my favorite place in Tioman.
Leaving Tioman early in the morning for Singapore, this 1.5 Hour journey will be blessed with great photo opportunity shoots
Singapore’s approach is interesting and challenging for the first-timer, a delight for any aviator. After a coffee stop here back to Malaysia, landing in Johor Bahru.

Refueling, Immigration procedures, and our journey continues to take us along the coast to Melaka. A sightseeing tour through the old town ending with a great dinner with lamb chops and the day ends at the Holiday Inn watching the sea traffic in the straits of Melaka.

Rise and shine the next morning and we are off tracking coastal to via Pangkor Island via Port Klang and Kuala Selangor. At Pangkor Island, we have our second breakfast and either opt for an Island tour or just relax on the beach near the airport. As and when we get more hungry and homesick it is goodbye for another short 30 minutes flight to Subang

Total flying: 7 – 8 hours
Duration: 3 days – 2 nights

The South East jungle adventure

The North West Thai treasure hunt
Departing after a healthy breakfast at our Club Coffee shop Barbera at the Subang airport our route will take us coastal via Pangkor island to Penang. There we landed at the International airport for refueling the aircraft as well as our stomach.

Cleared for take-off we climb to 6000 feet towards the west of Kedah peak. passing overhead of Alor Star, a great opportunity for picture taking of the rice fields of the north of Malaysia. Shortly after passing Alor Star it changed frequency and welcomed to Thailand. Here, navigation and radio communication have a new meaning when talking to Air Traffic controllers. we no longer report waypoints but fly and report using DME VOR and ADF. cruising at 7000 feet we have a perfect site of the thousands of islands that make the southern-eastern part of Thailand. ( pictures below are taken during this adventure trip last year with Karsten and Andre from Germany).

With a long final to Phuket, we practice our skills in the ILS approach. The evening in Phuket is scheduled with nice food, a treasure hunt, and the obligatory debriefing of the day’s activities. All this after a dip in the perfectly appointed lagoon of the famous Phuket beach. The beach is walking distance from our hotel. Choices here we have are: Holiday Inn
The return trip to Subang will take us via Hat Yai and a short tech stop in Ipoh to Subang.

Total flying: 8 – 10 hours
Duration: 3 days – 2 nights

The North East Adventure to clear water

Departure is at 0800 and after passing the twin Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur it climbs the Bentong pass to Raub, Temerloh to Taman Negara National Park. With an abandoned airstrip right next to the National park we will board right after we land a small boat to ferry us into the National park. (Indiana Jones would have taken this route, it’s fun)

After a good brunch in one of the facilities there and approximately a one hour walk through the oldest jungle in the world it is clear prop again and airborne to the Island of Redang.

passing the large man-made lake Kenjir, we are heading for the coast of Kuala Terengganu. With a heading of 010 another 5 – 8 minutes and we are close to the island of Redang. A nice airfield to land, DCA Malaysia requires a check out by an Instructor for this airfield. I recommend the Beach Brasserie at the Berjaya Hotel for dinner, the beach there is almost perfect and the Tiger beer is always ice cold. Scuba or snorkeling is available for the active participants, a perfect white sandy beach is available for the “want to relax” member of this expedition. The best place on this island to stay.

The next morning it rises and shines early to avoid the large and high clouds that will form as early as 0930 over the central mountain range. Clear prop and climbing to 7000 feet our journey is straight to Ipoh. Ipoh, a well-appointed town is famous for good food. After that perfect meal, it is a clear prop to the Bernam River airfield for a short field landing and coffee break before we set course to Subang in the early evening.

Total flying: 6 – 7 hours
Duration: 2 days – 1 night

The West Indonesia Volcanic Crater discovery

Here we have a trip that will certainly change your view of our world. Flying into the Lake Toba crater will certainly change how you look at nature forever. Taking off in Subang we will track directly west to the capital of North Sumatra Medan. Here we do CQI as well as refuel our aircraft to embark on this most magic sightseeing trip. Climbing to an altitude of 7000 feet we will reach the crater, reduce power and dive into the “Big Bowl” water level is at 4000 feet and so we will technically fly below land…. what an experience. I have taken some pictures on this trip some time ago, a magic journey.

After spending some time in the crater we set course for Nias, an island that is on the far west corner of Sumatra. A surfer’s Paradise with waves as high as 3 meters running for kilometers.

Overnight stop here and top up on oil, sleep, and good seafood on Nias.

The next day will be a short flight to Sibolga for an early Nasi Padang lunch. Airborne we have another look at this 4 million-year-old volcano crater. Landing shortly after lunch in Medan again for a night out in the town.

Rise and shine and a 3 hour trip to Penang for another discovery of this very historical and old town charm island north of Malaysia. Here we will stay in a Lodge and enjoy the British Colonial style atmosphere and surroundings combined with the famous Nasi Kandar, an Indian curry dish that will not allow you to forget this variety of flavors and taste.

Leaving after a good night’s sleep and setting course early morning south to Ipoh, Taiping, and the mangroves of West Malaysia. In Ipoh, we are tugging into the famous food here, Chicken with beansprouts and flat noodles. After a sumptuous lunch setting course for Subang tracking coastal or inland pending on weather conditions.

Total flying: 10 – 12 hours
Duration: 4 days – 3 nights