ground Classes


Ground classes are done daily … 









  • Air law 
  • Radio telephony written 
  • Aircraft General Knowledges
  • Navigation 
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance and Limitations 
  • Principles of Flight 
  • Operational Procedures
  • VHF COM 
  • Flight Performance & Limitations  

Ground Classes are a must and you will need to pass 100 hours to meet the regulation by the CAAM. 

All ground classes are currently online and as per TRAINING SCHEDULE in SQUAWK.

AAFC conducts Hangar group study classes at Subang International Airport. ( temporary suspended due to MCO)

Self Study

 there is no end to self study and checking your progress. 

We have designed SQUAWK, a one stop online learning center for all your training, booking and all flight tracking. 

SQUAWK allows you to manage your ground classes,

SQUAWK is fully loaded with books, study materials, videos for learning and knowledge sharing.

AAFC student study guide 

And a large bank of 1000 Malaysian sample test questions for your Private Pilot License training. 

We managed to put all your needs into SQUAWK. made for you, made to get you ready for your EXAMS

5 steps to get your PPL with the AAFC.

Step 01

  1. click on SQUAWK or go direct to 
  2. register
  3. Admin will send you some information and activate your account. Welcome to the AAFC

Step 02

  1. Download the membership form, fill up and submit.
  2. Download, fill up and submit all the other forms.
  3. Scan and submit personal information needed to get CAAM issue you your Student pilot license.

Step 03

  1. Attend ground classes that are held 3 times a week. ( all classes will be recorded and can be viewed in our LIBRARY)
  2. Each subject will have an expert ground Instructor that will take you from the ground up and prepares you for the Exams.
  3. you can attend as many times the ground classes as you like. 


Step 04

  1. we have created the first online Malaysian PPL ground class pre exams quizzes for each subject.
  2. More than 1000 questions are available for you and you can select between revise, mark & go or the timed version of these quizzes.
  3. Ready to register for the CAAM EXAMS. 

Step 05

Flight Training – the exciting part of your adventure towards your dream to fly. Flight training and ground training can go hand in hand, but you will need some basics prior to getting into an aircraft and learn to fly. 

  1. Discuss with your personal Flight Instructor best times and days you like to fly. ( we fly 7 days a week, sunrise to sunset) 
  2. Make bookings after consultation with your flight instructor, going through the syllabus of your training as outlined in your Student Study Guide. ( available on LIBRARY)
  3. Complete all syllabus  flights, your solo hours and prepare for the big day of your final Flight Test. 

Exams will be held at CAAM -Putrajaya

All written exams will be held at Mava – Putrajaya. 

Due to Covid-19 all tests have been postponed. Please stand by on dates when students will be able to sit.

Location of Exams been held:

Level 4 Blok Podium A

No 27 Persiaran PerdanaPrecinct 4
62618 Putrajaya

Flight training at the Air Adventure Flying Club - conducted in Cessna 172

Cessna 172 N – 9M-TFC, a clean and well used aircraft that has been in Service with us for more than 8 years. A 160 hp 4 seater workhorse that has a very forgiving flying characteristic. With Madras wing tips, this grand old lady of the sky with a 7 hours endurance is the perfect aircraft for your cross country flight.

Cessna 172 P – 9M-NCU, a 1985 recently repainted aircraft that we bought from the US Airforce AUX aircraft. With the Lycoming factory overhauled engine, this aircraft is happy to take you anywhere, ILS, Autopilot and DME will help you with that task.

Cessna 172 SP – 9M-ZAR a 2002 SP model with all the trimmings, whistle and bells. A great fast and good looking aircraft.

Cessna 150M – 9M-JFA all ready to go, all it needs now is some paperwork from CAMO…

Piper Warrior III Pa28 – 9M-NKD a fully IFR with 2 Garmin 430 equipped aircraft, this 2010 is a low time and good looking bird.. and she has a twin.

Piper Warrior III Pa28 – 9M-NKE just like her younger sister above… same same only the airframe number is +1. if there are twins in aviation… here they are.

Flight training syllabus

Flight training is conducted as per the CAAM approved flight training syllabus that AAFC and members can obtain in the STUDENT STUDY GUIDE all available at SQUAWK, the AAFC booking site.