Welcome to S.Q.U.A.W.K.

SQUAWK  is the Air AdventureFlying Club booking system.

It is a large LIBRARY for all students and members

it has the largest Malaysian Test question bank to get you ready for your PPL test EXAMS.

A license tracking system that will ensure that you will not forget to renew C of V, C of T or your medical.

SQUAWK hosts a large variety of Training Videos, be it  for ground training or flight training.

Student Study guides, CAAM publications and much more.

All members enter here to SQUAWK 

or WhatsApp Andreas on +60 13 723 2345 

Benefits of the AAFC:

Not able to attend your scheduled ground class? no problem. All training classes are also broadcasted via MicrosoftTeams as well as being recorded... just in case, you can not make it on time.

At the AAFC will not just take care of your needs to complete your license, we are also here to take you to Adventure trips with other aviators of the Club.

You not only to get a license to fly an aircraft, you will also become a member of our flying community.

Not yet a member, we look forward to welcoming you to the Club. As a member for life or just for an introductory flight. check our One Day Pilot offers, call or WhatsApp me and we sort out your bookings in minutes.

We operate Cessna 172 as well as Cessna 150.

Wishing you blue skies & happy landings

Andreas J. Walther