Safety pilot course

Safety pilot course

Would you like your partner to be able and land the aircraft safely in case of an emergency?

Would you like her or him to be able to “hold” the aircraft, to find the nearest airfield, do the radio calls, join join the circuit and land the aircraft safely.
If the answer is YES than perhaps you like your partner to join the Safety Pilot Coursedesigned by the Air Adventure Flying Club.
In 8 hours your partner will be able to deal with just that.Maintain the aircraft in a straight and level flight, turn, descend and climb.
Joining a busy circuit or “hold” west – east of the airfieldDo the radio calls and ask for help. Understand to operate the radio, reading a map, operate the GPS… basically pick up the pieces from you to ensure your flight is safe in case of an emergency.

The course will be covering the following

Effects of controls I & II
Straight and Level
Reading maps continue the flight from your partner.
Operating Radio, GPS and other Nav instruments that are being used.
Medium level turns
Climbing and descending
Communicating with the tower/ control area/ approach/ground.
Joining the circuit to land the aircraft safely.

No tests are being conducted and thereis no need to get a medical for that course.
Your partner can start this safety course at once, giving you and him/ her piece of mind.

Call Andreas now for scheduling your partner’s first flight. +60137232345

Andreas Walther