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Air Adventure Flying Club Subang (AAFC)

The johor flying club

Good news, we have spread our wings and now you can fly further and further. we have made the hand shake and now have reciprocal membership with the sabah flying club and the johor flying club.

Sabah flying club

Attention all AAFC members, please contact Ms.Natalie for the reciprocal membership form that needs to be filled in order to avail these clubs facilities.

We are in our 12th year of operation, moving from strong too stronger.

We have just signed up our 500th member to the AAFC, welcome.

The air adventure flying club is providing flight training, aircraft rental and 12 years of happy pilots. Being one of the biggest flying clubs in south east asia, the air adventure flying club. The AAFC is providing flight training and joyrides from sunrise to sunset 365 days a year. We are proud to have members from as far away as Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, Portugal, Russia, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and of naturally Malaysia. 500 members and endless memories and experiences with our beloved ladies 9M NCU – 9M TFC – 9M ZAR – 9M JFA & N1188U. And as of today february we have another pretty cessna 172M. She is know as 9M-LLC, available to all our members, a pretty bird, with a 180 horsepower engine, autopilot and a nice interior. And we are working hard to improve and expand and renew our self.  A new training and office facility is ready and well appreciated by all our members attending the ground class. Not able to come to our ground class, not to worry, all our ground classes are available on INSTAGRAM follow airadventureflying and reduce your stress in travelling all the way to the airport if only attending ground class.

Hangar talk

New pilots in September

Congratulations to martin aka adv 334 or completing her PPL flight test. we are proud of you martin. Well done.

Maps you may ask

check out what captain may has mapped out to overcome old, outdated and difficult to get maps…. this is NAV to the north.

Now is the right time you started flying and spread your wings.

Already a pilot

Somewhere around the Globe and interested to spend a flying holiday together with a local pilot. Flying Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or Singapore?
Just join as a monthly member and enjoy the privileges and hospitality of the Air Adventure Flying Club.

Adventure trips are conducted regular and our members embark on discovery flights remote islands and hidden away places, sometimes they end up at abandoned airfields with consiquences.

Any questions call +6013 7232345 .

Want to see how we fly?

The SWAT team on mission a

February 2017 – Our own AAFC SWAT team has just completed their mission, we did make it all the way to Melaka and back.
Mission successfully accomplished, more missions to follow. stand by for more coverage.

Love is in the air

Love is in the air. As the AAFC is approaching the 10 year anniversary, we like to introduce the Chief Ground Instructor of the AAFC – Captain Sebastian. His love for aircraft can only match his love for a drone so it seams in this latest of the AAFC documentary videos.
To find out who is the winner in the race for his heart, click here to find out.

Cross country Air Adventure

April 2017 and the SWAT team went for the Sungai Remai air carnival.
We had an amazing time, lots of aircrafts joined the AAFC for the fly in.
I suggest ta you have a look at this amazing production by our member Baron. Thank to all the friends and members that joined us on this memorable outing.

One day pilot

March 2017 – Baron came over and checked out our introduction flight training also known as a One day Pilot program. Designed to allow anybody to learn and understand what is flying all about. In school principles are explained and most probably we did pass the papers; but we never had a chance to feel what this is all about. Allow your hubby, wife, father or mother, child or nephew to feel what this is like, take this opportunity and call or whatsapp Ms. CP 0123648646 our admin manager for more information.

Job combination not working out

Back in April 2012 we started the Job Combination Program with our Chief engineer John ( not his real name) and it did not working out. Lucky our academy was on hand and with the help of Harvinder fixed it all up in no time.

Carmen Soo – flying high

June 2011 we had Carmen Soo and Red Ribbon on a trip to Bernam River Airfield. Lots of fun and some lessons in flying. Check out this movie star Carmen on the controls.

Jaime Dempsey & Andreas Walther, Ride & seek Malaysia learn to fly

Corporate business training with wings

2009 we embarked on a corporate behavioural enhancement program translating the complexities of aviation to business and vice versa. A personal development beyond leadership under the drive and expert support of their CEO – now one of the most respected corporate leaders of Malaysia!

Ask the instructors

Be a better pilot .There are always ways to improve and upgrade skills and knowledge. In our segment ask the Instructors we feature highlights of the Instructor meetings that are being held once a month among the Instructors of the AAFC.  Here are some of the Instructor advises to the new and upcoming pilot that has started the PPL program. Older pilots may remember what was thought some years ago..