Meet The Team

Captain Andreas
Founder and owner - Head of Training

With more than 6000 hours total flying hours and most instructional, Andreas shares his love in aviation, that is why he set up this Club and invites all those who love to fly to join. He also is the Head of Training.

The chief that fixes any aircraft

The man of the hour, a legend in fixing and maintaining General Aviation aircraft. With more than 45 years under his belt, no strange sound and no funny noise escapes Mutalib. Happy to have him fixing all our aircraft since 10 years.

Captain Michael Dent
Flight Instructor

Scottish national with commercial UK license passionate about sharing his knowledge of flying. With more than 3200 hours a veteran in the Club. Michael is a professional trainer and teacher, working in a local university in Kuala Lumpur.

Captain Chow
Flight Instructor

with more than 6800 hours instructional flying. Captain Chow is highly experienced and was heading the Malaysian aerobatic team back in the 90's

Andrew Spowage
Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Captain Dr. Andrew Spowage is a veteran in training and enjoys to share his knowledge. He is an academic member of staff at Queen Mary University of London, held a head of department at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia and a passionate pilot at the AAFC.

Captain Omar
Chief Flying Instructor

Captain Omar, a Malaysian CPL pilot with endless passion to teach you on aviation. Ready 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset. He is happy to take on new students at short notice and happy to fly in Cessna 172 as well as our Cessna 150

David Gunaseelan
President & Passionate Pilot

A passionate pilot with considerable hours under his belt.
In doubt he is the man that can answer difficult questions.
as seen here with Andreas during the Covid period....

Captain Ridzuan
Flight Instructor

Captain Ridzuan an ex Air Force traffic controller that has passion in flying, making it a full time job. Ridzuan is available 7 days a week and ager to do early flights of the day.

Captain Suneel
Flight Instructor, Technical Knowledge Instructor, Airline pilot and passionate aviator

With a CPL & ATPL under his belt, this instructor will instruct you for all the ground subjects on a nearly daily basis. Check out Training Schedule on SQUAWK for the next lessons. Captain Suneel is rated on Boing 777, as well as C 172. He is passionate in what he is doing and comes from the Club flying background.

Satyan M. Anandakrishnan
Records and Publications Director

Satyan a passionate aviator with a degree holder for Aerospace Engineering as well as Aeronautical Engineering. Worked with NASA, Northrop Grumman as well as Lockheed Martin. Satyan is also the co author of the textbook "Dynamics of Atmospheric Re-entry"... he will surely bring you back on the ground.

Captain Imran
Flight Instructor

With a lot of hours under his belt, captain Imran has done more airports in Malaysia that are listed in any publications…. A legend among the instructors, Imran is ready to fly with you anywhere, as long he can have a good laugh and some fun.

Captain Albert Tan
Flight & Chief Theoretical Ground Instructor

Captain Albert, an Engineer (B1 and B2 for Boing 747, 737 and Airbus 320) by trade, a flight instructor by passion. Albert is ready to take on new students to the sky... and to the ground class training room. You need to attend to his ground training Classes for Navigation, Flight performance and limitations as well as Airlaw. He could have become a lawyer when you listen to him teaching that subject.

Nur Azreen Izzati aka "Reen"
Flight Operations Excecutive AAFC

With a Diploma in Aviation Management Ms. Reen is taking care of our admin as well as flight operations of the Club.
She is well versed and understand Student needs, taking them from zero to hero with all the paperwork needed to get your PPL.
to contact her on phone or WhatsApp: 013 786 0218, if she is busy, call Andreas 0137232345