Membership is Rewarding

Membership is rewarding.
  • your membership is for life, we don't believe in short term friends.
  • as long you are a Member you will have access to our ever expanding Library
  • renewal of your C of V, Medical, C of T etc. we do all that for members.
  • Only Members can rent aircraft, this is a members Club.
  • Being part of the aviator community and being able to take part in the monthly outings, a very comforting thought, especially for the new pilot.
  • Commuting to CAAM with all these paper work. done for Members.
  • Members can take aircraft out of station flights and overnight stops.
  • Be automatically invited for our regular pub gathering and wings night.

The AAFC Memberships:

  • A PPL, CPL – ATPL holder
  • Student pilot
  • Monthly member

the Student, Private Pilot License holder, CPL or ATPL membership as only one time fee, there are no monthly fees, no yearly fees…. ever. 

Once you are a member, you are a member for life.