FAQ – Ask the Instructors


Well as for many things in life, there are restrictions. 

Malaysian above the age of 17 can join us and start to obtain their Private Pilot License.

Singaporeans above the age of 30 years can join us and learn to fly. 

All foreigners  can join and learn to fly, provided that they have: Valid working permit or Malaysia my 2nd home visa or a dependent visa holder.


Still not so clear, no problem, Call +60137232345 

Well as for many things in life, there are restrictions. All Malaysian and Singaporeans (min of 30 years of age) can join us to learn to fly. All foreigners ( just like me) can join and learn to fly, provided that they have a valid working permit or Malaysia my 2nd home visa. Still not so clear, no problem, Call +60137232345My PPL license expired and I have no valid visa… so how? “] The Department of Civil Aviation has assured me that all PPL holders that are valid members of the AAFC will get their licenses renewed. Still not so clear, no problem, Call +60137232345
You can begin flying whenever you want. For ground classes, we offer a one on one, you and the Ground Instructor. And he is available as early as 08:00 till 23:00 at your preferred location. The instructor will come to a place that is convenient for both of you … staying far away, traveling overseas? There are facetime and Skype for your ground class needs, we are online all the time.

Visit www.aafcbooking.com and register. After that send a WhatsApp to Andreas and he will activate your account at once. You will have a look at our booking site and also be able to start registering for Membership as well as your student license. 

The Air Adventure Flying Club has several experienced Flight Instructors. Allow our Head of Training to suggest you one of these fine and available instructors/ Examiners. 

Captain Andreas, a German living in Malaysia for the last 25 years will be happy to assist with all your needs. 

Captain Omar, Chief Flying Instructor and a veteran in the AAFC with more than 2000 hours in flying instructions.

Captain Chow,  Authorised Examiner (CAAM) with thousands of hours in instructional flying. 

Captain Albert, a maintenance engineer for 747, 737 and other big birds, but I guess his heart is with the single engine small planes.

Captain Imran, a veteran in the flying community with thousands of hours under his belt.

Captain Ridzuan, a retired Major from the Air Force, ready on weekends to take you to the skies. 

Captain Michael Dent, Scottish Flight Instructor only available on weekends as he is a lecturer in the HELP university in Kuala Lumpur.

That depends on you. 

If you’re working and only have weekends to fly it could take you 8 to 9 months to complete your training. 

If however you have the time and can fly daily, then you can get your wings within an 8 weeks period. 

The training period will start as soon as we have received your Student Pilot License from the Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia.

The CAAM requires a minimum of 46 hours flying the airplane, 36 of them will be with an instructor and 10 hours solo (just you in the airplane). Although the CAAM required a minimum is 46 hours, the average for the typical student pilot is around 50 hours in total. 

Several written exams, an oral test, and a flight test need to be completed. 

Once these requirements are met, you will have earned your wings and will be issued by the Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia, your Private Pilot’s License.

Once you obtain your Private Pilot Certificate you can carry passengers and fly anywhere you like to, as long you don’t do that commercially. It is fine to ask your friends / passengers to share the cost of flying… after all you are there to share the fun flying high and happy. 

Air Adventure Flying Club aircraft are available for members, 365 days a year.

Flying the aircraft in a safe manner does not require out of the ordinary reflex actions. It requires knowledge and skills, which the training will cover, and the ability to plan ahead. This is what we call staying ahead of the plane. It will come naturally as you fly more often.

Dr. Kee Peng Leong, DRS Young, Newton & Partners. 48 Jalan 52/4, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Phone 0379569400

Dr. Shan, Polikinik Cahaya Putrajaya, No.9 Jalan P8g1, Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya 0123873807

More in KL town is Datuk Dr. Dalbir Singh Sagoo, he is licensed to do Aviation Medical for CAAM ( Malaysia) FAA ( USA) Air Transport ( Canada) CAA ( UK) JAA ( Europe) CASA ( Australia) CAA (New Zealand) CAA ( Nigeria)
Twin Towers Medical Center KLCC, Lot LC-402-404, 4th Floor Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Center 50088KL Tel: 0323823500 or check out their website at http://www.ttmcklcc.com.my enquiry@ttmc-klcc.com

In Kota Kinabalu it is Dr. Daljit S. Parmar 088-203333 (Tel) 088-217897 (Fax) or Dr. R.B. Barrow 088-254190 (Tel) 088-264868 (Fax)

ready to sign up and start your Private Pilot License, register: www.aafcbooking.com and send a WhatsApp to  +6013 723 2345

As soon as tomorrow morning (weather permitted) for your introduction flight. Make a booking or WhatsApp 0137232345