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 Welcome to the Air Adventure Flying Club Subang (AAFC)


learn to fly and get your PPL wings. DCA Approved Flight Training Center since 2007. (AFTC)


The AAFC is located at the Subang International Airport (WMSA) which used to be the “Old Kuala Lumpur Airport”. With a driving distance to the heart of the city of only 20 minutes, the AAFC is perfectly located for your flight training, aircraft rental as well as the ideal starting place for your
South East Asian Adventure flights“. We fly a fleet of Cessna aircraft and operate sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, train private pilots on a daily basis.

Andreas, the founder of the AAFC is also the founding partner of the Subang Flying Club, also located and the Subang airport. Our office is inside the Cafe Barbera, next to the check in counters, next to Soda, the new fast food place.


Air Adventure Flying Club flying highIf you are interested to become a private pilot, or maybe like to start with a One-day-pilot experience like many others who have been trained by Captain Chow , Andreas, Michael, Keith, Sebastian and his team then the AAFC is the place for you. Call or better whatsapp 0137232345 or mail or mail Ms. CP our admin manager: reservation(at) . CP can be found at cafe Barbera Monday to Friday 08:30 till around 15:00. But better call her (012 3648646 – or WhatsApp her) and make an appointment.  She also takes care of paperwork at the DCA in Putrajaya and travelsat least once a week there.

It is possible to take your first flying lesson without any obligations to further commitments right nowIMG_6205. See if you have what it

takes to fly an aircraft together with a fully trained and licensed instructor. Our “check ride” will be around the Kuala Lumpur 
PETRONAS towers, the telecom tower and other landmarks of Kuala Lumpur. If you like what you experienced, you can continue at once, getting your private pilot license.




Captain Chow; Head of Training and Club captain

Captain Chow, Chief Pilot, Club Pilot and Head of Training with more than 6800 hours instructional flying. experienced Air Force Formation flying aerobatic leader

Captain Andreas

Captain Andreas, founder and owner of the AAFC has 4645 hours total flying hours and most instructional.


Captain Michael Dent, Scottish national with commercial UK license passionate about sharing his knowledge of flying. with more than 3200 hours a veteran in the Club.

Dr. Zairil,  BEng (Aerospace), PhD, CEng, MIET and lecturer at the UPM, University Putra Malaysia. Zairil a passioened pilot and heading the AAFC committee for further studies in the aviation Industry. He is heading the UPM Flying Lab

Captain Sebastian

Captain Sebastian, Chief ground instruction ( the one on the left, on the right is future wife and Air Asia cabin crew Bella…) is available 7 days a week morning till late evening for your individual one on one training needs. Comes to learning the theory, he is the man. Holding a Commercial and Airline Pilot license.

Ms. CP

Ms. CP; doing all the administration and finances of the Club. CP can be found in our Cafe Barbera office daily from 08:00 to about 15:30 in the afternoon. If not there, she is at our Hangar office at Wirakris Hangar. Once a week she is traveling to DCA to sort out paperwork, licenses and extensions.


Chief Mutalib, the man that takes care of all the aircraft of the AAFC. seen here dismantling our AN2 for the big overland trip to the Carlsberg party. Mutalib a veteran and a legend in the aviation industry. You can find him daily at the Subang Airport.


























Already a pilot

Somewhere around the Globe and interested to spend a flying holiday together with a local pilot. Flying Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or Singapore?
Just join as a monthly member and enjoy the privileges and hospitality of the Air Adventure Flying Club.

Adventure trips are conducted regular and our members embark on discovery flights remote islands and hidden away places, sometimes they end up at abandoned airfields with consiquences.

Any questions call +60137232345 or email.


Need to get your C of T renewed or your FAA biannual flight review done, we are having both available at the AAFC, no aircraft, also no problem, we are operating FAA and Malaysian registered aircraft to perform these tasks. Please call CP for more information re the currency of pilots with FAA license or Malaysian license. I suggest you WhatsApp her on +60123648646




en route to Pulau RedangJuly 14, 15 and 16 2017 – destination Pangkor. With 2 cameraman and a script book and lots of ideas in their mind, this team is recording their adventure for the first time with professional help. The adventure of this SWAT team includes ATV, motorbike chases and romantic dinner. Stand by to be one of the first to see on how this group had a outing that none of them will soon forget.



IMG_5818July 8th 2017, did not have the chance to listening to the Interview with Andreas J. Walther that was broadcasted  BFM 89.9 Radio Here is your chance to listen to the podcast. Any more questions on why he loves KL… you got to ask him yourself, or better take to the skies with him and let him show you all the secret corners that need to be discovered.




July 8th 2017 The Graduation & Award night that was held at Marini’s, thanks to our good friend Zaf. The graduation was attended by more than 60 members and 24 members received their wings that night.

We also said good by to our friend Zaf as he has been assigned to Canada for a 2 year contract by Petronas. After his 2 year stint there, we are happy to restart his PPL one more time and get him fly high with the rest of the members. Fare well my friend, you will be dearly missed.


IMG_4740May 2017 and the SWAT team went north for the Ipoh – Pangkor weekend special. Now what was special is the Bike ride excursion where we went back minus one….  we left one of the bikes with a broken gearbox behind. Other adventures have been that waterfall discovery at 07;00 in the morning and great food and fun. But the best was our flight debrief with lots of Tigers while watching the sun set in a perfect beach setting. More on the video that will be uploaded once Sebastian is ready with the editing.



Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 8.15.43 PM

cross country Air Adventure

April 2017 and the SWAT team went for the Sungai Remai air carnival. We had an amazing time, lots of aircrafts joined the AAFC for the fly in. I suggest ta you have a look at this amazing production by our member Baron. Thank to all the friends and members that joined us on this memorable outing. 




Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.15.19 AM

One day pilot

March 2017 – Baron came over and checked out our introduction flight training also known as a One day Pilot program. Designed to allow anybody to learn and understand what is flying all about. In school principles are explained and most probably we did pass the papers; but we never had a chance to feel what this is all about. Allow your hubby, wife, father or mother, child or nephew to feel what this is like, take this opportunity and call or whatsapp Ms. CP 0123648646 our admin manager for more information.



IMG_2392 (1)

The SWAT team on Mission A


February 2017 – Our own AAFC SWAT team has just completed their mission, we did make it all the way to Melaka and back. Mission successfully accomplished, more missions to follow. stand by for more coverage. 




Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 9.27.08 PM

Job combination not working out….


Back in April 2012 we started the Job Combination Program with our Chief engineer John ( not his real name) and it did not working out. Lucky our academy was on hand and with the help of Harvinder fixed it all up in no time. 



Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 9.47.51 PM

Carmen Soo – flying high


June 2011 we had Carmen Soo and Red Ribbon on a trip to Bernam River Airfield. Lots of fun and some lessons in flying. Check out this movie star Carmen on the controls.




Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 8.02.04 PM

corporate business training with wings – mindset through airmanship

2009 we embarked on a corporate behavioural enhancement program translating the complexities of aviation to business and vice versa. A personal development beyond leadership under the drive and expert support of their CEO – now one of the most respected corporate leaders of Malaysia!







HistoryAsiaLogo check out our latest TV appearance

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.07.41 PM

History Channel Asia - Ride N' Seek

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.01.53 PM  Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.02.32 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.06.35 PM

What is there to say, just watch the movie, get inspired and start learning to fly with Andreas.






upm logoThe 2017 intake of the UPM students inspected various aircraft at the subang international airport as part of their aviation aerospace engineering program. Four groups will be visiting the AAFC where all students are also members. Under the guidance of Dr. Zairil aka adventure 346,  a private pilot student of Andreas, these students will have the opportunity to experience life conditions versus lab conditions at UPM. This project is part of the further learning studies for young aviators code name EAGLE EYE of the AAFC where Dr. Zairil is heading this committee.   




IMG_1564 2

Hi everybody, I am Albert Tee aka adventure 361. Not yet spread my wings as my age is not matching the need of the DCA Malaysia. Hopefully in 2018 when I will be 17  I can get back to WMSA and start flying. Till than I will be hanging around Shanghai in the American school here waiting for the day to come…. 

After doing some videos with Sebastian I started scratching my head and here are my thoughts about some aviation matters….

( well Albert started thinking and started writing about some aviation stuff….  check out his thoughts. any comments or suggestions are welcome, click his picture and start reading) 




Safety management system (SMS)is part of the Air Adventure Flying Club standard operating policy as of early 2016. With a 100 % safety record since its early days,  9 years ago we work hard to ensure that we are the safest flying club in Malaysia. All AAFC members are invited to submit to Captain CV Thian ( safety  manager) your observations, improvements and suggestions. Please click the logo and submit your report directly to CV in confidence and demonstrate great airmanship and safety.



For a piece of mind all our aircraft are equipped with a GPS tracking system that will enable you to check your last flight including height and speed as far back  as 1 month, and can make a print out. A nice momentum of your flight.  And for the operation piece of mind as we will know where you are and should you need assistance our response team will act at once. ( it is username and password protected to prevent misuse of this information, email me and I get the username and password to you)


Here is the story of my true love, the Antonov2. Bought and  donated to the airfield that I enjoyed visiting in the past, here is the story on how this Big Bird also known as AN2 is moving across the country and having a party half way. Click on the picture and be part of this amazing adventure. I enjoyed every minute of it, dismantling, getting it painted up and party with more than 2000 people.


 DSC_1858In love with our Land Rovers, wanna see more pictures of them…. we dedicated a page just for them, while they are working and giving us all great pleasure. click here to see more. Still not enough, see the series one Land Rovers that drove around the Highlands in Malaysia and other parts of the world, a must see if you are a Landy fan.


what on earth could that a better pilot .There are always ways to improve and upgrade skills and knowledge. In our segment ask the Instructors we feature highlights of the Instructor meetings that are being held once a month among the Instructors of the AAFC. Here are some of the Instructor advises to the new and upcoming pilot that has started the PPL program. Older pilots may remember what was thought some years ago..




            nov16 Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.01.53 PM