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 Welcome to the Air Adventure Flying Club Subang (AAFC)

Your place to learn to fly and get your wings. DCA approved flight training center since 2007.

The AAFC is located at the Subang International Airport (WMSA) which used to be the “Old Kuala Lumpur Airport”. With a driving distance to the heart of the city of only 20 minutes, the AAFC is perfectly located for your flight training, aircraft rental as well as the ideal starting place for your “South East Asian Adventure flights“. Andreas, the founder of the AAFC is also the founding partner of the Subang Flying Club, also located and the Subang airport. Our office is inside the Cafe Barbera, next to the check in counters, next to Soda, the new fast food place.

If you are interested to become a pilot, like many others who have been trained by Captain Chow ,  Andreas, Michael, Keith, Sebastian and his team then the AAFC is the place for you. Call 0137232345 or mail Andreas or mail Ms. CP our admin manager:  CP is at cafe Barbera Monday to Friday 08:30 till around 15:00. But better call her (012 3648646 – or WhatsApp her) and make an appointment as she also takes care of paperwork a the DCA in Putrajaya and travels at least once a week there.

It is possible to take your first flying lesson without any obligations to further commitments right now. See if you have what it takes to fly an aircraft together with a fully trained and licensed instructor. Our “check ride” will be around the Kuala Lumpur PETRONAS towers, the telecom tower and other landmarks of Kuala Lumpur. If you like what you experienced, you can continue at once, getting your private pilot license



HistoryAsiaLogoCheck out our latest project, Jaime Dempsey known from Ride N’ Seek Malaysia races her Harley Davidson to beat Andreas Walther in his Cessna 172 P 9M-NCU. Click Jaime and Andreas and watch the episode that had a 3 times re run on History Asia Channel already.

Jaime and Andreas on the History Channel

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Already a PPL or CPL pilot

Somewhere around the Globe and interested to spend a flying holiday together with a local pilot. Flying Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or Singapore?
Just join as a monthly member (see airmanshop in our website for more info) and enjoy the privileges and hospitality of the Air Adventure Flying Club.

Aircraft available Cessna 150M, 172 M, 172 P, Cessna 182

Adventure trips are conducted regular and our members embark on discovery flights remote islands and hidden away places.

Any questions call +60137232345 or email using our contact form. 

Need to get your C of T done? Captain Chow is available for you 7 days a week to do that, call 0137232345 to make a booking and find out what are the requirements.



safety-management-systemSafety management system (SMS)is part of the Air Adventure Flying Club standard operating policy as of early 2016. With a 100 % safety record since its early days,  9 years ago we work hard to ensure that we are the safest flying club in Malaysia. All AAFC members are invited to submit to Captain CV Thian ( safety  manager) your observations, improvements and suggestions. Please click the logo and submit your report directly to CV in confidence and demonstrate great airmanship and safety.


For a piece of mind all our aircraft are equipped with a GPS tracking system that will enable you to check your last flight including height and speed as far back  as 1 month, and can make a print out. A nice momentum of your flight.  And for the operation piece of mind as we will know where you are and should you need assistance our response team will act at once. ( it is username and password protected to prevent misuse of this information, email me and I get the username and password to you)


Here is the story of my true love, the Antonov2. Bought and  donated to the airfield that I enjoyed visiting in the past, here is the story on how this Big Bird also known as AN2 is moving across the country and having a party half way. Click on the picture and be part of this amazing adventure. I enjoyed every minute of it, dismantling, getting it painted up and party with more than 2000 people.


 DSC_1858In love with our Land Rovers, wanna see more pictures of them…. we dedicated a page just for them, while they are working and giving us all great pleasure. click here to see more. Still not enough, see the series one Land Rovers that drove around the Highlands in Malaysia and other parts of the world, a must see if you are a Landy fan.


any more questions….. FAQ

prices to rent a plane…. here

need some pilot or aircraft supplies

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