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Air Adventure Flying Club Subang (AAFC)

Whats happening in AAFC

We are in our 12th year of operation, moving from strong too stronger. We have just signed up our 500th member to the AAFC, welcome.


Good news, we have spread our wings and now you can fly further and further…

we have made the hand shake and now have reciprocal membership with the Sabah Flying Club and the Johor flying club.

Attention all AAFC members, please contact Ms.Natalie for the reciprocal membership form that needs to be filled in order to avail these Clubs facilities.



And here is the latest of the Lady pilots of the AAFC, 3 of our 8 lady pilots went for their written exams, keeping fingers crossed that all are passing and soon can go for their check ride…..




As part of our 10 years anniversary we invited the Lumiere Academy to come and visit us at the Subang Airport. All the kids aged 5- 15 years had a great day out with joyrides, spending time with the Meteorology department, AFRS ( Airport Fire & Rescue Services).


The Air Adventure Flying Club is providing flight training, aircraft rental and 12 years of happy pilots. Being one of the biggest flying clubs in South East Asia, the Air Adventure Flying Club.

The AAFC is providing flight training and joyrides from  sunrise to sunset 365 days a year. We are proud to have members from as far away as Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, Portugal, Russia, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and of naturally Malaysia. 

500 members and endless memories and experiences with our beloved ladies 9M NCU – 9M TFC – 9M ZAR – 9M JFA & N1188U. And as of today February we have another pretty Cessna 172M. She is know as 9M-LLC,  available to all our members, a pretty bird, with a 180 horsepower engine, autopilot and a nice interior. 













…. and we are working hard to improve and expand and renew ourself….

A new training and office facility  is ready and well appreciated by all our members attending the Ground Class. Not able to come to our Ground Class, not to worry, all our ground classes are available on INSTAGRAM...  follow airadventureflying and reduce your stress in travelling all the way to the airport if only attending ground class. 




Hangar talk

New pilots in September 

Congratulations to Martin aka adv 334 or completing her PPL flight test. we are proud of you Martin. Well done. 

Maps you may ask

….. check out what Captain May has mapped out to overcome  old, outdated and difficult to get maps…. this is NAV to the North




Finally got his ticket to fly….



now is the right time you started flying and spread your wings.

the last quarter of 2019… when things get interesting…

November 17 2019 - 09:00 - 11:00 - The Hangar talk


Hangar talk  November 17th 09:00 – 11:00 Wirakris hangar

A perfect morning when you missed our students visiting the Meteorology department, bombastic and the tower.

NEW DATES * NEW DATES * Wings Night - Celebration @ Marinis 57- Petronas towers

OUR MEETING  at Marinis 57 in Petronas towers to celebrate our new Pilots. NEEDS TO BE RESCHEDULED

The AAFC wing nights

Join us in this celebration when we will be discussing on our Air Rally with several aircraft towards the north of Malaysia. 

Join us and make plans that will take us to great landing sites and good food.



AWAITING NEW DATES- PENDING MAINTENANCE ON AIRCRAFT - adventure outing to Tioman via Segamat and Senai. - DIVING will be an option in Tioman


As soon as our aircraft are back in the air, we will finally embark on this long scheduled and planned trip and with our friends from other Clubs to Tioman. This convoy of aircraft will fly from Subang via Segamat for a refuel and crew change to Tioman. In Tioman we will be conducting take off and landings and sign out new pilots for their solo flight to Tioman.

For the seasoned pilots and those who are more into diving, Adventure 229 aka Lee a diving instructor and ground instructor of AAFC will be ready to take us down to the bottom of the sea where we will do some underwater photography. If we have students that needs to be certified as divers, a perfect time to do so. 

2 night stay at Anita where the best pizza and the coldest beer is waiting. Next morning with a tech and refuelling stop in Johor and a crew change. Tracking costal to Melaka where we expect to reach late morning, with a touch & go there tracking again coastal to Subang.




some day in October, when the Haze is finally gone - the Aviators on Motorbikes on Pangkor....

A trip with our aircraft from Subang to Pangkor, a race to make Ito for breakfast at the famous seafood noodle curry. To facilitate our trip on the island we have motorbikes available to take us for breakfast and to explore the island.

Practice for take off and landing will be for the “to be checked out PANGKOR” pilots. Sunset will be observed while sipping on a cool and tasty drink at our favourite dinner and drinking place; Daddy’s place.

Overnight stay with our good friends from the waterfall Chalet and after a good night stay next morning a flight to Ipoh. In Ipoh we will indulge in Dim Sum before setting course back to Subang. Arrival there… before the thunderstorm.

Please confirm your attendance and reserve your seat in one of the aircraft.

the latest gossip from the hangar....


well what is new …. it is pretty much raining every afternoon and even the hangar is getting wet…

so I had some time to update our SQUAWK and now all members can access and submit forms, a large question bank and our extensive library. I love it, with a cup of hot chocolate digging in to some manuals and find out more about our beloved fleet of Cessna 172, the worlds most build aircraft. 


happy reading & happy landings



More exciting stuff soon …..


The AAFC is located at the Subang International Airport (WMSA) which used to be the “Old Kuala Lumpur Airport”. With a driving distance to the heart of the city of only 20 minutes, the AAFC is perfectly located for your flight training, aircraft rental as well as the ideal starting place for your “South East Asian Adventure flights“. We fly a fleet of Cessna aircraft and operate sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, train private pilots on a daily basis.

Andreas, the founder of the AAFC is also the founding partner of the Subang Flying Club, also located and the Subang airport. Our office is inside the Cafe Barbera, next to the check in counters, next to Soda, the new fast food place.

If you are interested to become a private pilot, or maybe like to start with a One-day-pilot experience like many others who have been trained by Captain Chow , Andreas, Michael, Keith, Sebastian and his team then the AAFC is the place for you. Call or better whatsapp 0137232345 or mail [email protected] or mail Ms. Sue our admin manager: admin (at) . Sue can be found at the Wirakris Hangar Monday to Friday 09:00 till 17:00. But better call her (012 3648646 – or WhatsApp her) and make an appointment.  She also takes care of paperwork at the DCA in Putrajaya and travels at least once a week there.

It is possible to take your first flying lesson without any obligations to further commitments right now. See if you have what it takes to fly an aircraft together with a fully trained and licensed instructor. Our “check ride” will be around the Kuala Lumpur PETRONAS towers, the telecom tower and other landmarks of Kuala Lumpur. If you like what you experienced, you can continue at once, getting your private pilot license.


President, David G: 016 2175686

Andreas: 013 7232345 WhatsApp or call 

Chief Flying Instructor, Club Captain and head of Training: Captain Chow

Administration:  012 364 8646 WhatsApp or call 

Usefull info Subang Airport


ATIS: 127.60Mhz

Real time Aircraft tracking:

Track Air Adventure Aircraft fleet

Meet The Team

Captain Chow

Captain Chow

Chief Pilot
Club Pilot and Head of Training with more than 6800 hours instructional flying. experienced Air Force Formation flying aerobatic leader
Captain Andreas

Captain Andreas

founder and owner
Has 4645 hours total flying hours and most instructional.
Captain Michael Dent

Captain Michael Dent

Flight Instructor
Scottish national with commercial UK license passionate about sharing his knowledge of flying. with more than 3200 hours a veteran in the Club.


Chief that fixes any aircraft
The man of the hour, a legend in fixing and maintaining General Aviation aircraft. With more than 45 years under his belt, no strange sound and no funny noise escapes Mutalib. Happy to have him fixing all our aircraft since 10 years.
Captain Sebastian

Captain Sebastian

Chief ground instructor
Captain Sebastian is available 7 days a week morning till late evening for your individual one on one training needs. Comes to learning the theory, he is the man. Holding a Commercial and Airline Pilot license.
Miss Natalie

Miss Natalie

Student Pilot / admin / training
Natalie is doing the part time admin of the Club as well as working on all the test questions for fellow students. She can be fund at the Wirakris office or our training room. Currently she is working on a training video on Meteorology… soon to be published.
Captain Omar

Captain Omar

Flight Instructor
Captain Omar is back to the AAFC after some time. This Malaysian CPL pilot is happy and ready to take on new and eager students.
Captain Ridzuan

Captain Ridzuan

Flight Instructor
Captain Ridzuan an ex Air Force traffic controller that has passion in flying, making it a full time job. Ridzuan is available 7 days a week and ager to do early flights of the day.
Captain Dorai

Captain Dorai

Flight Instructor (soon to be)
With a CPL under his belt, this soon to be instructor will be able to instruct you in Chinese, Tamil and English. watch this space and see when he will get started to fly with you.
Captain Albert Tan

Captain Albert Tan

Flight Instructor
Captain Albert is no newcomer to the flight instruction industry. He has been instructing for some time at other Clubs in Subang Airport. An Engineer by trade, a pilot by passion. Albert is ready to take on new students and take them to the sky.
Captain Imran

Captain Imran

Flight Instructor
With a lot of hours under his belt, captain Imran has done more airports in Malaysia that are listed in any publications…. A legend among the instructors, Imran is ready to fly with you anywhere, as long he can have a good laugh and some fun.
Captain CM

Captain CM

Ground Class Instructor
CM instructs Air Law, Aircraft General, Navigation & Meteorology, Human Performance and Limitations and Radio Telephony.
Holder of an Honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering and provides training to IT personnel on Cyber Security.
As well as exploring the skies he also ventures underwater as a certified scuba instructor.

Already a pilot

Somewhere around the Globe and interested to spend a flying holiday together with a local pilot. Flying Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or Singapore?
Just join as a monthly member and enjoy the privileges and hospitality of the Air Adventure Flying Club.

Adventure trips are conducted regular and our members embark on discovery flights remote islands and hidden away places, sometimes they end up at abandoned airfields with consiquences.

Any questions call +6013 7232345 .


Need to get your C of T renewed or your FAA biannual flight review done, we are having both available at the AAFC, no aircraft, also no problem, we are operating FAA and Malaysian registered aircraft to perform these tasks. Please call Suganthi for more information re the currency of pilots with FAA license or Malaysian license. I suggest you WhatsApp her on +6012 3648646

News Box

The SWAT team on Mission A

Love is in the air

Cross country Air Adventure

One day pilot

Jaime Dempsey & Andreas Walther, Ride & seek Malaysia learn to fly

Flying Down Memory Lane

Marie Clarie January 2012

Kosmo November 2011

The Star November 2011

Safety management system

Safety management system (SMS)is part of the Air Adventure Flying Club standard operating policy as of early 2016. With a 100 % safety record since its early days,  9 years ago we work hard to ensure that we are the safest flying club in Malaysia. All AAFC members are invited to submit to Captain CV Thian ( safety  manager) your observations, improvements and suggestions. Please click the logo and submit your report directly to CV in confidence and demonstrate great airmanship and safety.

GPS tracking system

For a piece of mind all our aircraft are equipped with a GPS tracking system that will enable you to check your last flight including height and speed as far back  as 1 month, and can make a print out. A nice momentum of your flight.  And for the operation piece of mind as we will know where you are and should you need assistance our response team will act at once. ( it is username and password protected to prevent misuse of this information, email me and I get the username and password to you)


For the latest NOTAM please 


Ask the Instructors

Be a better pilot .There are always ways to improve and upgrade skills and knowledge. In our segment ask the Instructors we feature highlights of the Instructor meetings that are being held once a month among the Instructors of the AAFC. Here are some of the Instructor advises to the new and upcoming pilot that has started the PPL program. Older pilots may remember what was thought some years ago..

**** NOTAM - Notice to Airman - NOTAM ****

Ground Classes /  registrations / tests / Mavcom

Ground class scheduling is being done with SQUAWK booking schedule only. Your instructor will brief you on your first meeting with him on how SQUAWK works. 

Registration dates for the Ground papers sitting at MAVCOM is also done by going to FORMS in SQUAWK for registration and submission to our office.

Dates of the sitting at the Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) is once a month ( the dates for the year 2020 are uploaded in the LIBRARY section of SQUAWK) You need at least 3 weeks lead time to make arrangements to have you attend these examinations.

The actual schedule will be announced on WHO is registered and WHEN the sitting at MAVCOM is. Check out NOTAM on your Dashboard in SQUAWK for the latest information.


How to study with the AAFC

we have established various group studies and students will be invited to attend these group sessions. Look out NOTAM as well as WhatsApp group.

LIBRARY is online and has more than enough stuff to take you through all the papers in your ground studies. Your access to SQUAWK that features all NOTAM, library, FORMS and QUIZZES is limited to active students and members. 

Any member that has paid up his membership fee and has a current balance of RM 1000 is an ACTIVE MEMBER. Should your account dropped below the RM 1000 threshold, your account will be IN ACTIVE. 

to reactivate your account, please contact me on WhatsApp 0137232345.

QUIZZES total questions in our system for trial test now reach 1000. Members are encouraged to test their skills and knowledge as often as they are up to it. ( we are working to make this section hand phone friendly so that you can test yourself on the go) 


Wishing you blue skies & happy landings


Andreas J Walther, December 12th 2019




More than 100 pilots have earned their wings…

wings earned in 2019

111 – mar will be next…. just watch this space…..

wings earned in 2018

110 – Calvin Lau – 23 December 2018

109 – May Wong – 26 November 2018
108 – Jastina Raj – 22 November 2018
107 – Kanasg Surendran – 25 August 2018

Wings earned in 2017

106 – Keshvin Nair – 16 April 2017
105 – Chong, Han Yang – 16 April 2017
104 – Kee Tong Ho – 16 April 2017
103 – Afiq Rahim – 30 March 2017
102 – Joseph Hsu – 19 February 2017
101 – Paul Melvin – 17 January 2017
100 – Joachim Kern – 9th January 2017

Wings earned in 2016

99 – Adam Sixte Jehan
98 – Justin Roseworn
97 – Anthony Cale
96 – Andrew Spowage
95 – Martin Scott
95 – Rafiq
93 – Ong Thean Lye
92 – David
91 – Elroy Osbert
90 – CM Lee
89 – Syamin
88 – Kevin Babtiste
87 – CV Thien
86 – Faheem Ahmad
85 – Brenda Fuan
84 – Christine Kheng
83 – Max Tua

Wings earned in 2015

82 – Koh Ming Li
81 – Philipe Detournay
80 – Samuel Siah Sung Yep
79 – William Tang Kun Lim
78 – Jaeson Cheng Jae Son
77 – Aaron Ong Fook Leong
76 – David G.
75 – Douglas Khoo

Wings earned in 2014

74 – Thanabalan Thivaghar
73 – Udo Partenheimer
72 – Dave Teoh
71 – Keita Okuizumi
70 – Chin Hock Yeap
69 – Alexander Nicolaus
68 – Soo Siew Ming
67 – Mangalath Gopi
66 – Roger Keller
65 – Peter Jaehne
64 – Paul Lin
63 – Yves Clerk
62 – Brian Peter Soon

Wings earned in 2008 - 2013