Time to start something... time to learn to fly.

Air Adventure Flying Club Subang (AAFC)

covid-19 updates for mco 3.0

The steps we take to protect our Members, Students & friends.

Ground classes: We are conducting our ground classes online to allow you to be at home in a safe environment. All training material is available on SQUAWK library. We are currently starting with a all new session for all topics under the stewardship of Captain Suneel, Flight Instructor, Airline Pilot and passionate Aviator. 

Flight Training:  Each Aircraft is being cleaned and disinfected after each flight, and we are flying a lot these days. We have increased our pool of flight Instructors and there is no reason that you are delayed in your quest to get your wings soonest.

Documentation: Welcome Reen our new Flight Ops Excecutive, taking care of all the Paperwork. And that Paperwork has been moved to online and all submissions can be done in the comfort and safety of your home. 

Reciprocal membership with:

Royal selangor flying Club

Attention all AAFC, SFC, JFC & RSFC members, please complete the the reciprocal membership forms in SQUAWK – FORMS to avail of each others service.

RSFC is back in operation and AAFC is proud to assist RSFC and provide aircraft and Flight Instructors for them.

We are in our 14th year of operation, moving from strong too stronger.

We have just signed up our 585th member to the AAFC, welcome. He is an airline pilot with 777 and ATR 72 rating and a total of 17500 hours experience and flight instruction, many  hours in a Cessna 172 as he grew from a Club environment to become an Airline pilot. 

In these difficult times of the Corona Pandemic we all need something to take our mind away and venture into our dreams…to fly. 

Being one of the largest flying clubs in south east asia, the  AAFC is providing flight training and introductory flights for potential students from sunrise to sunset 365 days a year. You are closer than you think to become a Private Pilot.


We are proud to have members from as far away as Colombia, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, Portugal, Russia, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and of naturally Malaysia. 

585 members and endless memories and experiences with our beloved ladies 9M NCU – 9M TFC – 9M ZAR – 9M JFA & N1188U.  

Online classes are being conducted daily, online during evening time. ( 8pm – 10 pm) to ensure that we don’t mess up your working life and your family dinner.

Hangar talk

New pilots are being made Every day

Now a proud PPL holder, Torfinn Akselsen (Norway)Thorfinn, working in Malaysia for many years decided to start his PPL course. With some delay due to COVID he started his gound classes first online as well as offline with the CTKI as well as the TKI his flight training only started in December, 2020.His flight training was done in only 3 weeks.

Here is his story, his journey to fulfil his dream and he become a pilot. ( his journey is here)  … 

Gone solo done the PPL & did it in style...

Solo pilots & pilots that passed their Flight test starting January 2021

Faisal bin Isa aka adv – 484  solo

Simon Pua aka adv 505 –  solo

Andreas Winnen – PPL

Torfinn Akselsen – PPL

Safuan aka adv 492 – solo

Foong aka adv 409 – solo

time is right to start your ppl spread your wings & fly

ready for the next step ?

New Students intake is at any time.

With a dedicated Technical Knowledge Instructor available on a daily basis, it is perhaps now the best time to start your PPL training.

If you are ready and want to make that commitment to do your PPL, all you need is to do is to register on www.aafcbooking.com and contact Captain Andreas. 

Any questions?

Want to see what we do, where we fly?

The SWAT team on mission a

Our own AAFC SWAT team has just completed their mission, we did make it all the way to Melaka and back.
Mission successfully accomplished, more missions to follow. stand by for more coverage.

Love is in the air

Love is in the air. Sebastian’s love for aircraft can only match his love for a drone so it seams in this latest of the AAFC documentary videos.
To find out who is the winner in the race for his heart, click here to find out.

Cross country Air Adventure

The SWAT team went for the Sungai Remai air carnival.
We had an amazing time, lots of aircrafts joined the AAFC for the fly in.
Have a look at this production. 

One day pilot

He came over and checked out our introduction flight training also known as a One day Pilot program.

Designed to allow anybody to learn and understand what is flying all about. In school principles are explained and most probably we did pass the papers; but we never had a chance to feel what this is all about. Allow your hubby, wife, father or mother, child or nephew to feel what this is like, take this opportunity and call or whatsapp Captain Andreas 0137232345

Job combination not working out

Job Combination Program with our Chief engineer John ( not his real name) and it did not working out. Lucky the academy was on hand and with the single handed effort of Captian Harvinder fixed it all up in no time.


Famous for her Harley Davidson expedition, Jaime Dempsey took a flying lesson with Andreas…


Ask the instructors

Be a better pilot .There are always ways to improve and upgrade skills and knowledge. In our segment ask the Instructors we feature highlights of the Instructor meetings that are being held once a month among the Instructors of the AAFC.