Instructors & Officers of the Club





Instructors & key persons of the Club.

The Air Adventure Flying Club is proud to have the highest passing rates in the country. We take training serious and will do our utmost to get the student to pass his flight test.

over the years this group of Instructors and officers made sure that not only the individual passed his PPL but also that the Club strives and becomes one of the leading clubs in the country.

since the formation in 2008, the club has trained more than 100 students.



Andreas J. Walther, Flight Instructor & Accountable Manager. German national that has turned his hobby into a full time engagement.

From dreaming of flying and be free like a bird high above the ground to now being able to share his dream, aspiration as well as passion with others. Andreas was lucky at age 14 he was together with his school friends exposed to the project: “glider”. Glider a school program designed by Chris Eisenberg to stimulate the desire and passion for aviation.

Glider projectWith more than 4500 hours instructing hours a veteran in the Malaysian skies. Andreas holds a Malaysian Certified Flight Instructor license, multi engine, New Zealand, Brazilian, Cambodian and Australian and an FAA Pilot licenses.

Email me: andreas@airadventureflying,com


Captain Chow Tuck Heng, Head of training, Club Captain, CFI and Authorized Examiner, Commercial pilot and Instructor with more than 6000 hours. Captain Chow is aerobatic rated and was the leader in the “nine formation Pilatus 7 team”. Captain Chow is happy to share his experience with any member or student of the club. Captain Chow loves flying and is ready to do so at short notice, check with CP for available dates :




Captain Michael Dent, CPL IR license holder UK and Malaysia, flight instructor. Michael brings a lot of experience to the club and is ready to take you for flight training every Wednesdays and all weekends.

email him: or 0133134765





Captain Keith Wong, Malaysian CPL IR multi engine instructor has spend 6 years at the Malaysian Flying Academy. He also holds an Australian CASA grade 2 instructor rating.

He is now ready to take you under his wings and shares with you the art of flying. 





IMG_7926Sebastian Payne, Chief Ground Instructor, 29 year old Canadian ( that is the guy on the left) with a frozen Malaysian ATPL license under his belt. Sebastian grew up in Kuala Lumpur and calls it home since 8 years. Upon completion of his ATPL training in Melaka he is eager to share his knowledge with other going to be pilots. Sebastian is not only passionate with his Ground Class instruction he is also happy to fly with you as a safety pilot where ever you like to go…. 😉  Sebastian is flexible with the ground instruction schedule and even conducts the ground class to some of our members working overseas with FaceTime and Skype training classes. He is available from morning to late evening, sharing knowledge is what drives him and makes him happy.  Email him: or call him direct at 0183707550




Captain David Gunaseelan, pilot and president of the AAFC. Happy to assist you in your quest to start your PPL with the Club. Any questions, David has a fine ear and besides being President he is dealing with audio equipment. He has installed hundreds of audio systems in south east asia. 




Captain Peter Jahne, a passionate pilot and also heading the behaviour strategy for performance improvements. Peter is assisting Dr. Zairil (AAFC committee head for further education) in aligning technical lab condition knowledge with behavioural capabilities. In this picture with Andreas while conducting some corporate training courses that are linked to behaviour training and risk assessment as well as decision making. For more information whatsapp captain Peter +573122339360. or Peter is spending 6 month of the year in South America as well as 6 month a year in South East Asia conducting corporate training courses that are related to aviation.




CP Chin Peen, Admin & finance manager, usually found at Cafe Barbera and in charge of administration as well as finance. CP has a degree in chemistry but prefers the chemistry around aircrafts and people. CP is handling all aspects of the DCA communication in regard with licenses, signing up of members and tests with the DCA.

Email her: or call at 0123648646





Captain CV Thian, Safety Manager at the AAFC with a pilot license under his belt is taking care of safety issues within the organisation. He is also holds a corporate position at Air Asia Malaysia dealing with safety and policy issues. CV is happy if you can share with him safety issues or improvements. Please forward all safety matters direct and in confidence to him.




Captain Zairil A. Zaludin, BEng (Aerospace), PhD, CEng, MIET head of the AAFC committee for further aviation studies studied Aerospace Engineering in University of Liverpool, UK. He later worked in British Aerospace (Military Aircraft Division) at Brough, Hull as engineer on avionics projects. Zairil continued his education in University of Southampton, UK conducting research on Hypersonic Transport Aircraft. His research was to study suitable automatic flight control system (autopilot) for Hypersonic planes. The research earned him a PhD. He returned to Malaysia and served Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) as academician and is lecturing as a ground instructor at the AAFC.