IMG_5169 IMG_5171 IMG_5177 IMG_5178 IMG_5175 IMG_5190  IMG_5188 IMG_5187 IMG_5182 IMG_5192 IMG_5190 IMG_5193 IMG_5200  IMG_5220 IMG_5222 IMG_5225 IMG_5228 IMG_5222 IMG_5223 IMG_5224 IMG_5238 IMG_5270 IMG_5272 IMG_5273 IMG_5274 IMG_5275 IMG_5276 IMG_5277 IMG_5278 IMG_5279 IMG_5280 IMG_5244 IMG_5242IMG_5245 IMG_5247 IMG_5249 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5257 IMG_5259 IMG_5262 IMG_5264   IMG_5270 IMG_5266 IMG_5265 IMG_5286 IMG_5285 IMG_5284 IMG_5281   IMG_5288 IMG_5289 IMG_5292 IMG_5293 after that we had dinner and a drive from Segamat to Kuala Lumpur started. I can not remember how telephone wires that came across the road we lifted up just to clear them…. we may have ripped some out from the phones, sorry folks that was all not intentional.

It was a long drive all the way up…. but we made it.

IMG_5298 IMG_5297 IMG_5296 I should have taken the bigger camera, with the gigantic flash…. well we live and learn

IMG_5299 IMG_5300 IMG_5301 IMG_5302 IMG_5303 IMG_5304 IMG_5305 IMG_5306 IMG_5307 IMG_5308 IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5311 IMG_5312  IMG_5304 IMG_5309 IMG_5308 IMG_5307

And that it was time to drive her into the hall….


IMG_5325 IMG_5324 IMG_5323 IMG_5322  IMG_5320  IMG_5315 IMG_5314 IMG_5313 IMG_5316 IMG_5317 IMG_5318 IMG_5326 IMG_5324 IMG_5323 IMG_5325 IMG_5329 IMG_5330 IMG_5334 IMG_5327 IMG_5326 IMG_5335  IMG_5337 IMG_5338 IMG_5339 IMG_5340 IMG_5348 IMG_5344 IMG_5343 IMG_5342 IMG_5341 IMG_5349 IMG_5355  IMG_5359

well it took all night but at the end she was done and looking good for the party, Where is the party….

IMG_5365 IMG_5371 IMG_5375 IMG_5377  IMG_5380 IMG_5381 IMG_5382 IMG_5383 IMG_5384 IMG_5385 IMG_5387 IMG_5388 IMG_5390 IMG_5391 IMG_5395

and than the party was over and it starts all over again…..

IMG_5397 IMG_5398 IMG_5399 IMG_5400 IMG_5401 IMG_5402 IMG_5403 IMG_5404 IMG_5405 IMG_5406 IMG_5407 IMG_5408 IMG_5409 IMG_5410 IMG_5411 IMG_5412 IMG_5413 IMG_5414 IMG_5415 IMG_5416 IMG_5417 IMG_5418

Back on the road all the way up north….

IMG_5419 IMG_5420 IMG_5421 IMG_5422 IMG_5423 IMG_5424 IMG_5425 IMG_5426 IMG_5427 IMG_5428 IMG_5429 IMG_5430 IMG_5433 IMG_5434 IMG_5435 IMG_5436 IMG_5437 IMG_5438 IMG_5439 IMG_5440 IMG_5442 IMG_5443 IMG_5444 IMG_5446 IMG_5447 IMG_5449 IMG_5455 IMG_5457 IMG_5458 IMG_5460 IMG_5461 IMG_5463 IMG_5465 IMG_5474 IMG_5475 IMG_5477 IMG_5478 IMG_5479 IMG_5480 IMG_5481 IMG_5483 IMG_5484 IMG_5485 IMG_5486 IMG_5487 IMG_5488 IMG_5489 IMG_5494 IMG_5495

and there she stood till an Idiot decided that it is better to cut her up and sell for scrap metal. So much for donating it to an airfield in Malaysia.