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Cessna 150M

2 seats, 100HP

A lovely 2 seat trainer, perfect for training flights. She had some cosmetics done to the instrument panel and looks and feels great.
Great aircraft only available for AAFC members to train, build hours and to stay current

A clean and fun aircraft allowing you to make big savings
[message type=”info”]Only RM 649 per hour solo[/message]



Cessna 172 P

4 seats, 180HP

With an January 2017 Lycoming factory overhaul, this 180 horse power, a clean only 6000 hours 1985 aircraft is a beauty to fly.
9M NCU is fully equipt with a full IFR panel, auto pilot and build in GPS.

This aircraft was operated by the USAF AUX for some time as a search and rescue plane.

A clean STOL aircraft that is fun and exciting to fly. For AAFC members only
[message type=”info”]Only RM 789 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo[/message]




Cessna 172 N

4 seats, 160HP

A sweet N model that flies well. With a newly overhauled engine by PennYan, this 160 horse power aircraft is a popular aircraft among our members.
A full IFR panel and long range fuel tanks with 7 hours endurance makes this Cessna an ideal cruising and touring plane for all members of the club.
Its Madras wing tips giving this aircraft a better than normal lift, great for a slow flight. For Members only.


[message type=”info”]Only RM 769 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo[/message]




Cessna 172 M

4 seats, 160HP

A clean and sweet M model that flies well.
With a full IFR panel this Cessna is registered in the US as N1188U.
The 150 horse power unit gives her a good cruising speed of 100 kts.
To fly with this pretty lady, a flight plan has to be submitted by CP at least 3 days in advance stating the date, time and route. Also since this aircraft is a foreign registered aircraft, navigation fees as well as landing fees do apply. To make it easy for everyone, the rental fee includes all these charges. And yes it is only available for AAFC members.

Great for cross country.

This lady has seen Phuket many times already. A great trip with a stop over in Penang.

[message type=”info”]Only RM 769 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo[/message]



Cessna 172 SP

4 seats, 180HP

A clean and sweet & powerful 2002 172 SP model with a full IFR panel.  9M-ZAR is a beauty to fly and is a great choice for a cross country or a chase of her older sister 9M-TFC. 

Undergoing some maintenance now, she should be ready by end 2018

[message type=”info”]Only RM 869 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo[/message]


Cessna 182

4 seats, 230HP


A nice quick and full IFR panel with auto pilot and variable pitch.

And yes you are right this ass stays at the hanger and is not flying around hanging out the fuselage.

*owner request that Andreas has to be on the right seat when renting this 140 kts cruising speed aircraft. For members only.

[message type=”info”]Only RM 940 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo[/message]



Cessna 172 M

4 seats, 180HP











One very nice and clean 172 with an upgraded 180 hp Lycoming engine. Nice to fly, fully loaded with Auto Pilot and many extras.

RM 847 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo rental. 





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