Rent A Plane

If you are looking to rent an aircraft for an introduction flight or a One Day Pilot experience only, click here

1.Cessna 150M – 2 seats, 100HP

A lovely 2 seat trainer, perfect for training flights. She had some cosmetics done to the instrument panel and looks and feels great.
Perfect aircraft but only available for AAFC members to train, build hours and to stay current
A clean and fun aircraft allowing you to make big savings.

you can do your PPL on this aircraft as a package deal of RM 49800 including life membership, all instructor fees, 100 hours of ground classes as well as all exam fees included. )

( factory new engine is being shipped mid June to Malaysia and aircraft should be ready by end July)

Only RM 649 per hour solo


(terms and conditions apply) 


2.Cessna 172 P – 4 seats, 180HP

A 2017 Lycoming factory overhaul, this 180 horsepower, a clean only 6000 hours 1985 aircraft is a beauty to fly.
9M NCU is fully equipped with a full IFR panel, autopilot, and built-in GPS.
This aircraft was operated by the USAF AUX for some time as a search and rescue plane.
A clean STOL aircraft that is fun and exciting to fly. For AAFC members only

Only RM 799 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo

3.Cessna 172 N – 4 seats, 160HP

A sweet N model that flies well. With a newly overhauled engine by PennYan, this 160 horsepower aircraft is a popular aircraft among our members.
A full IFR panel and long-range fuel tanks with 7 hours endurance make this Cessna an ideal cruising and touring plane for all members of the club.
Its Madras wingtips give this aircraft a better than normal lift, great for a slow flight. For Members only.
Only RM 789 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo

4.Cessna 172 M – 4 seats, 160HP

A clean and sweet M model that flies well. 

this is a FAA registered aircraft 

With a full IFR panel, autopilot and a fully loaded cockpit, this Cessna
is great for your cross country flight. This lady has seen Phuket many times already. A great trip with a stopover in Penang.

Current owners are looking for another co-owner that will fit the group and likes to share this aircraft. 

Call Andreas for more information 0137232345 or WhatsApp him.

5.Cessna 172 SP – 4 seats, 180HP

A clean and sweet & powerful 2002 172 SP model with a full IFR panel. 9M-ZAR is a beauty to fly and is a great choice for a cross country or a chase of her older sister 9M-TFC.
Undergoing some maintenance now, she should be ready by end 2018
Only RM 999 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo

6.Cessna 182 – 4 seats, 230HP

A nice quick and full IFR panel with autopilot and variable pitch.
And yes you are right this ass stays at the hanger and is not flying around hanging out the fuselage.
*Owner requested that Andreas has to be on the right seat when renting this 140 knots cruising speed aircraft. For members only.
Only RM 1200 per hour as per Hobbs meter solo

7.Piper Cherokee – 4 seats, 140HP

It was a nice and clean aircraft that never recovered from the heavy maintenance and is now resting in peace.

Maybe it is time that you. want to buy your own aircraft?

Mike from Aerospace Solutions is happy to talk with you on your needs and desires.

Mike has been in the Aerospace Industry more than 50 years, holds a commercial license for Helicopter and Fixed wings.

The perfect contact that can source an aircraft, be it a Heli or a fixed wing: Cessna, Piper or even a private jet. Mike is the person that can assist you getting your dream aircraft and get it registered and airworthy in Malaysia. 

for more information on “aircraft for sale” check out this page.