as part of the  Private Pilot License all students need to obtain a class II medical certificate from an DCA appointed medical examiner. There are a number of examiners in town, I have listed 3 of them in the FAQ section, here are two that our students and our Chief Flying Instructor have recommended. My favourite is Dr. Singh from Drs. Young, Newton & Partners.


Dr. Kee Peng Leong, DRS Young, Newton & Partners. 48 Jalan 52/4, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Phone 0379569400 

Dr. Shan, Polikinik Prime Care Putrajaya, No.8  Jalan P8G1,  Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya 0123873807 or office is 03-88618686.


The requirements to start your flight training program are as follows:

  •  You have to be 17 years old to apply the student pilot license
  • Be in good command of the English language
  • Join the Air Adventure Flying Club as a member (AAFC Membership Form) we will deal with the application of Student Pilot License and permits on your behalf.
  • Pass the medical test of the DCA approved medical examiner.


Flight training is done six days a week, 52 weeks a year.

We will ensure that the keen students will be able to finish his license in as quickly as 2 month (after the SPL has been issued) as we are only taking 6 students per Instructor.

A set of syllabus will be given to each new student for him/her to have a clear understanding what is needed to get his/her license.

Radio training is being conducted until you are confident and sound like a pro that has 1000 of hours as a pilot. You will feel good being able to do that.
I take you to airstrips that are narrow and short. We train that you will have the ability to be your own adventurer that can take your loved one to places like Taman Negara, Segamat, Rompin airfield and Tioman.

We will encourage you to go places where other Clubs have put restrictions to their members NOT to land.

Our training rooms are located at the Subang airport. But learning is done anywhere…. even in the restaurant while watching the sunset, having a cool drink after a long cross country flight, preparing for the next day of your adventure flying.

And yes we will fly high and far, trips to Thailand are the norm for us and not an unusual outing.

We will bring Adventure to your life and look forward to have a good time while you become a Private Pilot.