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Not without me (TM) 

IMG_6204 (1)



IMG_6114This is the story of the student pilot Isabella going for her first cross country flight with her instructor captain Andreas.

Just competed her cross country ground class conducted by ground instructor Sebastian other concerned members of the Air Adventure Flying Club are informed by a Facebook message about the  imminent departure of Isabella and captain Andreas in their Cessna 172P. IMG_6206

“Not without me” is the response and they will drop and leave to rush to the save the situation.

Just in time, as captain Andreas and Isabella start their engine, Moritz, Michael, and David IMG_6041are able to catch up and persue  in a low altitude chase over the jungle of Malaysia in their two Cessna 172. Their journey heads north to the remote and romantic island of Pangkor situated on the west coast of Malaysia. 

IMG_6205Having caught up with Andreas and Isabella at the Pangkor airport, it is now a race and competition of each pilot to protect Isabella and provide some entertainment for this young and gentle student.

From a Scottish romantic poetry by the flying Scotsman to an ATV ride with the chicken Chef David, this is our hilarious comedy / adventure travel pilot project. Number one in a series of 13 episodes.







Not without me featuring in their 1st episode:


IMG_6044The Student Pilot  – Isabella 

just turned 18, Isabella a Eurasian by Austrian father and Philippine mother, Isabella grew up in Nigeria, Malaysian and Philippines. Isabella has started taking aviation lessons with captain Sebastian and captain Andreas. Her ambition is to become a pilot as well as acting. Isabella has already signed up with the television show GO Asia TV program where she is hosting a scuba diving 13 episodes program promoting the state of Johor in Malaysia. Isabella’s interest is in her continued study of drama and arts in London where she will start in early 2018.






IMG_6082The flight instructor – Captain Andreas

this 58 year old german flight instructor has founded the flying club one day after valentines day 2008. His love for aviation and sharing of flight knowledge to others is second to none. With a small saving he started a flying club that is know in south east asia as one of the more busiest clubs. With almost 400 members from all parts of the world, some as far as Colombia Andreas has managed to provide training with his fellow instructors at the Subang international airport in Malaysia. His current student count earning their wings is 30. One of the students is Isabella, and with her the pilot project not without me is being edited at the moment.






IMG_6124The ground class instructor and playboy – Captain Sebastian

This early 30 french Canadian chief ground instructor is aviation infected and has the attitude: has wings, will fly. Captain Sebastian is the chief ground instructor for the Air Adventure Flying Club and is currently training some 30 students at the Club getting their wings. Besides his busy work schedule  Sebastian & Andreas have started with a Youtube channel Get your wings for ground class training subjects as well as the DCA flying syllabus compliment in the ICAO format. 





IMG_6125Flying scotsman – Michael

A lecturer at the International University in Kuala Lumpur as well as a flight instructor at the Air Adventure Flying club, captain Michael is as passionate about flying as he is being a scotsman. Reciting to Isabella during their short rest on one of the tourist observation towers Robert Burns‘, you will get the feeling that this scotsman is taking no prisoners. Equipped with the Sgian-dubh, he is ready to defend his honour, once the sign-dubh is drawn, blood must flow…..





IMG_6091Indian Chicken chef – David

Passionate about cooking, to be precise chicken curry for his friends and family. David plays the role of of the Chicken restaurant owner, cook, a role that puts him right to the things he likes, chicken.

David who owns and manages an AV company is passionate about music, He designed his own up market speakers and installs in south east asia in businesses and private homes high end sound systems. 








IMG_6073Swiss boat carpenter – Moritz

A business and company consultant based on the island of Labuan, of the shores of Borneo, Moritz an aviation enthusiast from Switzerland is a member of the Air Adventure Flying Club and will not miss a chance to fly and get airborne. In this hilarious episode, Moritz plays the role of ship builder / carpenter that rescues Isabella from Michael as he has run out of gas.








IMG_6068Producer and CamIMG_6861 (1)era man Baron 

Baron, the Sony ambassador in Malaysia, a passionate aviator and camera man. Baron is a well known brand:  Film Maker & Training Studio. With a large 
number of educational videos under the Wolfang brand, Brandon is well known in the industry. Perhaps its time to check out his aviation clips made together with captain Sebastian – One day Pilot 












IMG_6043Scene one:

the i phone of Michael “the flying scotsman” rings… the message is clear, Andreas is taking Isabella on her cross country flight to Pangkor.

“not without me” and Michael puts his phone back in his shirt and gets on his harley, starts the engine, the bike stand gets kicked away and michael starts driving. 


IMG_6791Scene two:

David the Chicken Chef standing at his chicken rice shop and cuts a chicken. his assistant brings his handphone and mumbles in nepalese language Boss Boss… inaudible….. ” Not without me” shouts David and leaves the scene in a hurry.



scene 3 : 

Michael on his harley driving along an lonely road

IMG_6073scene 4:

Moritz the Swiss carpenter hammers a nail in the wall has his handphone rings, again the same message: ” mumble mumble in swiss german than “not without me” and he leaves he scene.

Scene 5:

Michael is driving on his Harley – Land rover is driving with the guys.

IMG_6044Scene 6:

Isabella on top of the aircraft and checking fuel. we only see her legs, camera swings around. Andreas whistles and comes into the picture.

  • “Preflight inspection done? ( Andras )
  • Check ( Isabella)
  • ” flight plan done” ( Andreas)
  • Check ( Isabella) 



Scene 7:

( fading in as it is a flash back of Isabella ground class)

  • Isabella sits with Sebastian on a table and Sebastian is talking fast and briefing her on how a navigation flight is done. 

Scene 8:

  • Knee log done ( Andreas)
  • Check ( Isabella)
  • “I am ready lets go and fly” ( isabella)

Scene 9: 

Michael is driving his harley

scene 10 :

Land rover driving up to the aircraft with Mutalib on the wheel with Moritz, David and Edwin.

Scene 11:

Andreas and Isabella pushing out the aircraft 

Scene 12 :

Michael stopping his harley in front of TFC ( cessna 172 – chase plane ) 

David is talking with Jaya in tamil ( Stress as time is running out) 

Michael is walking over to david. 

Sebastian does some work at an abandoned aircraft, ( he is mechanic as well) sees NCU starting up ( Andreas and Isablella inside) 

Scene 13: 

Andras shouts out ” clear prop ” and starts the engine

Scene 14:

Sebastian shouts and runs towards the camera to catch the aircraft….

Scene 15:

David is talking with Jaya in tamil ( Stress as time is running out) 

David shouts at Michael to hurry up.

Michael talks into the camera and explains the purpose of the Sco dogh, 

” when the sco dough is drawn, there has to be blood” ( he is having a plastic pizza divider replacing his scotish knife)

Scene 16: 

NCU is taxing out of sight.

Scene 17:

some scenes with 1188 and TFC to get ready and follow – Forgot some scenes

Scene 18:

Adventure 01 ready for take off…  TFC next to the aircraft and run up together ( don’t know how good the film is as we had some difficulties with the take off. ) Aircraft to aircraft  shoot on how NCU is taking off.

Scene 19:

Andreas making radio call ” Adventure 01 en route to Pangkor via Rawang, TA and Sitiawan…”

ATC ” traffic for you is 2 times cessna 172 from Subang to Pangkor about 5 minutes behind you”

Andreas looks at Isabella, she looks at him and booth shrug off their shoulders.


Scene 20:

plane to plane shoots, surround shoots to generate the idea that this is a long cross country flight…. Andreas falls asleep…

IMG_6205Scene 21: 

Air to Air shoot, time is passing….  Isabella struggles with the navigation….

Scene 22:

Back flash to the ground class: Sebastian to Isabella : “Make sure that you do a good and proper calculation with your heading, consider  wind and direction and calculate this with the flight computer…” Sebastian looks at Isabella… Isabella is busy on her phone chatting with one of her friends and not so interested with the navigation class by Sebastian…. Sebastian looks to heaven as if he is asking God to intervene and help him to help Isabella.

Scene 23:

Andreas wakes up from his nap, looks out the window and asks Isabella:

  “You need to keep on track, what is your heading, how did you calculate the heading, did you considering that the TAF said that we have a 8 knots wind from 170 …..

Everything is fine, i worked very hard with Sebastian, all is ok, we should be landing in about 45 minutes……. 

Scene 24: 

Camera closes in on her knee log that has a lot of corrections with time and heading……


Scene 25:

Landing aircraft in Tioman


Scene 26:

Michael drives of with Isabella on his motorbike….

IMG_6757Scene 27: 

IMG_7057The gang is following through the forrest of Pangkor, bike to bike shoot

Scene 28:

Ascending and walking up this mysterious staircase leading to the top of the tower.

Michael is standing with Isabella on top of the tower and reads her a poem of Robert Burns.

IMG_6078Scene 29:

Michael is trying to start his bike, one by one the gang of 5 is passing michael and isabella inviting him to come along. michael is struggling to get the engine started, he can not.


IMG_6064Scene 30:

Isabella and Moritz are sitting at the shipyard and Moritz is talking to Isabella about the family history of shipbuilding…. 

Scene 31: 

Side of the ship, Moritz keeps talking and Isabella walks away, Moritz still keeps talking…..

Scene 32:

Isabella walks along the road, totally bored and a bit angry.

Scene 33:

David passes by by moron bike, turns around and invites isabella for some real fun.

Scene 34 : 

Isabella and David riding off, the gang follows.

IMG_6789Scene 35:

Isabella stands at the beach, David comes over and says: ” Now try this one, that is real fun.

Scene 36:

IMG_7038ATV on the beach driving, Drone shoots,  Sebastian moving in on Isabella…..

Scene 37:

Sebastian and Isabella sitting on the beach. Sebastian getting romantic and invites her for dinner on the beach.

Scene 38:

David is standing in the kitchen and preparing a dish…..

IMG_6761Scene 39:

Isabella and Sebastian sitting on the table talking

Scene 40:

David brings the food and serves the food…. “Not without me” he says and takes the brokoly from the plate of sebastian and eats it himself. 

Scene 41:

all the members of the gang walk into the picture and say “not without me ”



various Scenes X:

Isabella and Andreas on the Motor cycle driving here and there and discovering the island of Pangkor. As they drive along the China town road they end up and the Chinese restaurant. 

IMG_6771IMG_6770Scene XX:

Andreas and Isbaella standing next to the stall and ordering their food dish and watching the cook prepares the Seafood noodle curry Scene XXX

Scene Y: 

Andreas and Isabella having lunch together… camera moves zoomes away and now we can see that all the members are sitting at the table and having lunch. 

IMG_6772Scene v:

Isabella is leaving Andreas and walking and ending up at a Kar Kuay stall, the owner is inviting her to learn how to do the Char Kuay and slowly Moritz is moving into the space of Isabella.

Isabella rides of with Moritz















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