Land Rovers working for us


Here are our heroes, helping us day in and day out. WAV2436 and WAB 7488. These 109 beauties used to be Police property, the one in the front was registered to the Komandan Sekolah Latihan Pasukan Polis Hutan Malaysia, the other one was assigned to the Ketua Polis Daerah that means Head of district, a less glamerous job than taking care of the Commander of the Police Field Force Training School.

They have different jobs now, hanging around the Subang Airport and ferrying people, stuff and occasionally taking me off road, something that I used to enjoy a lot when I was younger….

….anyway this page, nothing to do with flying itself is dedicated to all the Land Rovers world wide, perhaps the best piece of British engineering. I love it.

Taman Negara     Adventure    Driving trough Taman Negara

675   Taman Negara  Taman Negara Adventure

DSC_0513      051   Land Rover 109 and AN2 The Adventure starts 9M NCU 172P over Kuala Lumpur IMG_2169  IMG_2165_1   The Adventurer club


I used to take pictures of Land Rovers where ever I could see one. Have a look at these amazing pictures…. click on the picture and go deeper and back in time….. when digital was only a word……