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To be 17 years old Malaysian or a 30 year old Singaporean by the time the student pilot license is issued from the DCA.

If you are a foreigner you will need to have a valid work permit or have a Malaysia my second home visa issued by the Malaysian Immigration. DCA will not issue SPL for dependents or student visa.

be in good command of the English language.

be a member of the Air Adventure Flying Club. 

obtain a class II medical test with a DCA approved medical examiner.

…fly 46 hours and pass 6 theoretical test papers, pass the English language proficiency test and a verbal exam. Sounds a lot when you read it, but trust me, it can be done and is not that difficult. So far all the students that I have trained over the years have passed, gotten their wings. All what is needed is some effort and determination.

Age is not that important, I had students that where above the 60 years and others as young as 17. (Minimum age to get a Student Pilots License issued by the Department of Civil Aviation) Our Chief Ground Insructor will adjust the theoretical classes to your needs and learning speed. Same goes with the flying lessons.

….but I wear glasses…. that is not an issue either. Lots of pilots wear glasses, I have glasses as well and need to wear them and that is ok. You will get your medical certificate even you have to wear glasses that look like coke bottle bottoms. You can NOT be color blind, but glasses are ok.

I am too short, to fat, too old, too tall… I heard it all before. Don’t make decisions based on rumors, decide on facts. We are here to give you these facts and will help you to get you airborne and get your license in the shortest period of time possible.

Your flight training will be one-on-one basis with your instructor. The schedule is flexible and all up to you. You will get your account and make your own booking on-line when you are ready. We are only taking a limited amount of students to ensure that YOUR progress is our Mission.  Some pilots will be able to fly the broom stick, but most will be flying one of our Cessna.

The theoretical training is broken down into 6 subjects and conducted daily by our Ground Insructor.

….but I am busy and can not attend the classes. Again not a problem our instructor will come to your house, office or anywhere you like to learn and bring along all the stuff you need to get ready for your lessons.

So, what are you waiting for? contact us to register 

The requirements to start your flight training program are:

Flight training for the fixed wing PPL is done six days a week, 52 weeks a year. AAFC is proud to be able to finish keen students in as short of a time frame as 8 weeks as we are limiting the students per Instructor to 6 persons only. Primary training aircraft is a Cessna 150 M as well as a 172P, 180 horse power, equipped with a full IFR panel, GPS and Auto Pilot. Other aircrafts are a TB20 as well as a Cessna 172M. For the advanced pilot a Cessna 182 is used to do training on variable pitch props.

When can I start flying?

As soon as tomorrow morning (weather permitted) for your first flight. During that flight you will have the chance to see if you like what you see, allows the instructor to get to know you a bit and assists you in your decision to become a pilot. After that we apply for you to the Department of Civil Aviation your Student Pilot License. (Pretty much like a car license procedure). Estimate 2 weeks and voila we are ready to fly daily. For foreign students a security clearance will need to be obtained prior to the DCA issuing you the SPL. That can take some 4 – 6 weeks; all depends on how fast the clearances can be obtained. Call Captain Andreas and fix a date or download the AAFC Membership Form and fax it to 0377133379  or even easier is to register

We will be flying a Cessna 172P 1985 with the Penn Yan overhauled and Air Planes upgraded to a 180 horsepower engine, with a 76 inch Sensenich propeller, the favourite of Andreas. Captain Chow likes the Cessna 172N model with its hugh fuel tanks that hold 7 hours endurance.  Captain Omar can be found flying our Cessna 172 SP, the latest in our stable. Or the more economic solution, our Cessna 150, and all the training will be step by step as per the syllabus approved by the Department of Civil Aviation.