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UPM Aerospace engineers students






Dear Aerospace Engineer Students,


Captain Andreas and President David

it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the Air Adventure Flying Club, a place you can visit and to get a better understanding; to close the gap between lab conditions and real life conditions. 

We are delighted to have you on board and look forward to be able to enhance your learning experience at the UPM. I am delighted to have Dr. Zairil as a member, friend and as the head of the higher learning and aviation committee.

Besides lecturing Aerospace 2f8a49b4-7409-4877-a2d6-14f7f1dbd0bfEngineering subjects, he conducted extensive research on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles622a7a2f-9c0d-4f55-ba46-68ef5d9b881d (UAV) or ‘Drones’. He was also hired as consultant by a few aerospace companies. After 8 years serving in UPM, he resigned and began his adventure as entrepreneur, commercializing UAVs he produced. The start-up company, Asmara Aerospace, served government clients from Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. After 8 years experiencing entrepreneurship, Zairil returned to UPM as academician.

His passion has always been ‘anything that flies’. He has a few missions lined up and
once he gets his PPL do a circus navigation flight around the Peninsular Malaysia in a long weekend as well as to fly around Borneo.

He also finds it necessary to share his passion with others – one of his planned missions is to fulfil the dream of terminally ill children and less fortunate children, to fly high in the sky with them.

With more than 400 members from 12 countries and several aircraft, this is a perfect place and opportunity to do just that . We all wish him good luck with all his adventures planed and look forward to   


David G, President AAFC



Dr. Zairil, pilot, member and Head Committee for further studies and learning – AAFC

Welcome to the AAFC students of the 2017 UPM aerospace engineering batch 

I am happy that you have taken the first step to sign up with the AAFC, as a Student of the UPM your membership will be taken care of by the UPM.

Captain Andreas and myself have designed a number of activities and exercises to get a better understanding and to close the gap of theory and practical application.

Together with Captain Sebastian we will explore the airport Subang, also know as WMSA where a lot of aircraft are being parked, ready to be investigated and discovered.

2018 activities will be known as codename OPERATION FASTBIRD and preparations are underway to get this group familiar with the life scenario at Subang International airport. 

Looking forward to be with you and inspect aircraft and perhaps fly with you during 2018.


Wishing you a great year ahead.


Dr. Zairil, BEng (Aerospace), PhD, CEng, MIET. and a very passionate pilot.


Below are the past training activities at the Subang International Airport at the Air Adventure Flying Club hangar / aircraft and classrooms.


2017 activities is known with the codename: EAGLE EYE  a lot of preparation went into and some of the moments at the Subang airport are captured here.